A Brand is a name, term, design or a feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others.Brands are used in marketing, business and advertising. The word “brand” is often used as an  eqavalentreferring to the company that is strongly identified with a brand. A logo often represents a specific brand.

It was meant to make identifying and differentiating a product easy. Over time, brands came to embrace a performance or benefit promise, for the product. These brands can be known to the individual by means of labelling. Labelling of the product makes easy for us to identifying and differentiating them.

The role of packaging has become quite significant as it is one of the ways companies can get consumers to notice products. It is also for convenience and information transmission. It communicates how to use and dispose of the product. Labels serve to capture the attention of shoppers as well as provide useful information regarding the product. Labels are attached on the product package to provide information such as manufacturer of the product, date of manuctucturer, date of expiry, its ingredients, how to use and handle the product.

The brand of the company is shown with the help of labels which are the carrier of the information about the product. The attached label provides customers with information to aid their purchase decision or help improve the experience of using the products. We, Kohinoor ribbons, doing labelling for the brands given below. Brands itself an identity of the product but without labelling you can never identify the product.

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